Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions people ask us.

1. What is a layer?

A pallet is made up of layers (illustrated in the diagram below). Each layer contains the proper portion of each size needed to form the pattern associated with the paving set. A pallet will typically have 8-10 layers. The diagram below high-lights the portion of the pallet that is considered a layer.

2. What is hardscaping?

Hardscaping is an outdoor project—a specialized area of landscaping—that involves developing your yard with pavers, bricks or stones but doesn’t include gardenscaping (planting grass, trees or flowers).


3. What do you guys have?

We have high-quality concrete paving stones, fire pits, retaining walls, and outdoor furniture at unbeatable prices!


4. Do you do installations?

Yes we do! We have a group of very experienced contractors that will meet with you and ensure that your patio is exactly how you dreamed it would be!

You can expect them to have your patio completed in about 2 weeks from your purchase date!


5. Do you deliver?

Yes. Delivery within Winnipeg is priced as follows:

Up to 2 Pallets: $109.99

Up to 5 pallets: $169.99

Up to 8 pallets: $199.99

Up to 11 pallets: $249.99

Up to 14 pallets: $289.99

If your delivery address is outside of Winnipeg, expect an extra fuel charge.


6. Do you have the same products as all the other stores?

No, we don’t. Our paver products are imported and are unique to us. Some products are similar, but most of our pavers and walls come in unique styles and colours that will ensure your project and yard will look different than what others buy from big-box stores.


7. What do you charge for pallets?

We have a $35 per pallet deposit that is fully refundable if the pallets are brought back to us in reasonable condition.


8. Why should I buy pavers from Landscape Liquidator?

First, you’ll save money. Second, we have a lot of experience with selling and installing pavers. The people who work here have sold and/or installed millions of square feet of pavers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario. Finally, we love what we do, so we’ll help inspire and teach you how to do it yourself.
Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Call or email us and get answers from one of our experienced staff members.



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