Summit Sq. Deluxe Fire Pit

The Summit Fire Pit has the most expansive selection out of any fire pit we stock. Choose from a tumbled rustic or crisp modern blocks from our wide variety of colour selections, don’t be afraid to get
creative by mixing and matching blocks to build your own unique
fire pit! Add an additional layer to make your fire pit taller for only
$90.00 extra.
The Summit Sq. Deluxe Express Kit Includes:

  • Summit Fire Pit (3-Row)
  • Sq Insert
  • Sq grate
  • 1/4 Down Bag (x2)
  • Black Granite Bag (x1)
  • Firewood Bundles(x2)
  • Next Day Delivery!

Let our experienced installers handle the dirty work and set up your new pass time for $249.99
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(Beckon & Enlighten Tumbled Colours Do Not Represent Product Texture)

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Product Price $679.99

Available Colours

Product Specifications

Total Length 43 in
Internal Length 28 in
3-Row Height 11 in
4-Row Height 14 + 1/2 in
Blocks 30 - 40 Pieces