Grand Discover Paver Set

Turn your backyard into the vacation spot your neighbours won’t stop talking about!
Grand Discovery pavers are an exclusive paving stone to Landscape Liquidator and are dimensionally compatible with our Elements Paving set, to make beautiful patterns with greater definition!
With eight different colours to choose from your house will become a modern masterpiece for only $7.99/SqFt.
Available Colours:
Exalt, Intention, Reflection, Majestic, Timeless, Serenity, Enlighten, Haven

(Product Sold By The Layer)

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Product Price $7.99

Available Colours

Product Specifications

Piece 3 24 x 16 x 2 + 3/4 in
Piece 2 16 x 16 x 2 + 3/4 in
Piece 1 8 x 16 x 2 + 3/4 in
Weight 325 Pounds / Layer