Boost Your Home's Resale Value With Hardscaping!

By: Andrea - April 23, 2024


The Landscape Liquidator Advantage

A well-done hardscaping project will increase your home’s resale value, especially in Winnipeg. Whenever you're planning on upgrading your yard, including a well-placed and sizable patio makes a difference. 

In our experience a patio that is conveniently located close to the house with a good sidewalk connecting the front and backyard will more than pay for itself in the future sale of your home. Whether it is in Sage Creek or South Pointe.

Think about Aesthetics

Neutral colours with a nice pattern and accent border will give the most bang for your buck. Quality installers will include a border without extra charge. Adding a small retaining wall can add a layer of interest while doubling as a bench and a place to rest your drink.

Water Features Add VALUE!

If you enjoy being involved in your yard you could add a small fountain or waterfall. The sound of flowing water creates yet another layer of interest.


Just remember that a water feature will require some commitment to upkeep (electric, water, cleaning). Water features and retaining walls can be added in future years helping to keep the cost down and the interest up.

Details Matter

We are certain that homes with well-detailed and loved yards sell much more quickly than homes with little or no details in the yard.


When you sell your home the love and attention you paid to the details of your yard will come back to you in price but also in the time it takes to market your home.


At the end of the day make sure that you enjoy our short outdoor season in your yard to get the real value a patio can provide.

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