About Landscape Liquidator

Who is Landscape Liquidator?

Landscape Liquidator is a patio paver supplier in Winnipeg Manitoba. Previously known as Patio World, Landscape Liquidator, has gone through many changes. Starting as Landscape contractors, we started growing and eventually ended up with a brick and mortar (no pun intended) store on 260 Kotelko Drive and focused on providing Manitobans with the best pavers in the market.   


Now, Landscape Liquidator has turned their focus solely to paving stones while working with a group of highly skilled contractors we recommend to our customers. We also love helping our do-it-yourself'ers out! Providing them with expert advise from the veteran landscapers here at Landscape Liquidator.

What We Do

We help you plan your patio from start to finish. With our extensive inventory of pavers from around the world, we have pavers for everyone! Come down to our location and talk to one of our Knowledgeable staff. 


They will help you find the perfect pavers for you as well as give you expert design suggestions to bring your project to the next level. We also help you find a highly skilled contractor to install your patio or provide expert guidance for the DIY'ers out there.

The Liquidator Part...

Why are we the landscape "liquidator"? well it comes down to our business model. Through our relationships with manufacturers and our purchasing power, we have secured bulk order discounts with major manufacturers. Then we pass those savings onto you. Providing the quality of product our customers demand at a price they desire. 


Our latest addition, Dado Ceramica's Outdoor Porcelain Pavers, stands out as some of the most luxurious in the world. Thanks to our smart sourcing strategy, we've achieved significant savings, allowing us to offer you the most competitive prices for these fantastic products in Manitoba. Your dream of enhancing your outdoor spaces with elegance is now more affordable than ever with our exclusive pricing.