Italian Porcelain Pavers

$9.50 / sqft


Heat Reflection

Our Porcelain Pavers are topped with a durable glass. Don't worry! it's also none slip. However, it reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it, keeping the surface nice and cool.


Incredible Colour

These beautiful pavers feature unique colour finishes that rivals even granite. These complex colour schemes turns heads and give your projecta sense of European luxury. 

Cost Effective

Our Porcelain Pavers are among the highest quality pavers you can get. Retailing at $9.50/sqft, these pavers are accessible for every budget.



Available In 


In Store Colours

Ultra Aspen Anthracite

Ultra Aspen Fume

Ultra Aspen Blanco

Ultra Aspen Grigio

Ultra Solid White

Ultra Vals Dark

Ultra Vals Light

Ultra Universal Oak

Ultra Dark Grey Oak

*More available to order*


24" x 24"

16" x 32"   |   $10.50 / sqft

Patio, and Decking


Key Features:

No Maintenance

Heat Reflection


Luxurious Aesthetics

Porcelain For Patios

Upgrade to a maintenance-free, luxurious patio with Porcelain Pavers. Unlike concrete pavers that can wear down over time, porcelain stays cool, resists fading, and maintains a level, pristine appearance without any upkeep. Ensuring a durable, elegant outdoor space with the added benefits of superior durability and aesthetics compared to traditional concrete options. 

Porcelain For Decks

Upgrade to a no-maintenance, luxury deck with Porcelain Pavers. Unlike wood that needs yearly maintenance and composite that warps and fades, porcelain stays cool, resists fading, and maintains an even, pristine appearance without upkeep, ensuring a durable and elegant deck for years.