1/4" Down Limestone

1/4 Down Limestone is a durable sedimentary rock used for creating a patio base for Next Base patio installations. Don't know how much you need? Give us a call! We're happy to help estimate the amount of 1/4 Down Limestone you'll need for your next patio project. Get your limestone delivered with your paving stones and score Free delivery within Winnipeg's City limits!


When installing patios without Next Base panels or if you're building a driveway a thicker base is required, to achieve this we recommend using 3/4" down limestone.


Small 75lb Bag                   - $7.50

Pick-up Half-yard Loose - $32.00

Pick-up full-yard Loose   - $45.00

Pick-up Half-yard Bag      - $79.00

Pick-up Full-yard Bag       - $99.00

Delivery Half-Yard Bag     - $139.00

Delivery Full-Yard Bag      - $189.00