Coarse Sand

Coarse Sand is used as a screeding layer in driveway and traditional patio installations. The purpose of this layer is to act as a cushion between the paving stones and the limestone base for the final compaction. We always recommend a 1 1/2" layer of screeding sand on top of your 3/4" down limestone base when performing a driveway or traditional patio installation.


Looking for finishing sand? We always recommend polymeric sand to finish any patio job, long lasting and very effective!

Small 75lb Bag                    - $7.50

Pick-up Half-yard Loose - $32.00

Pick-up full-yard Loose   - $45.00

Pick-up Half-yard Bag      - $79.00

Pick-up Full-yard Bag       - $99.00

Delivery Half-Yard Bag     - $139.00

Delivery Full-Yard Bag      - $189.00