Fine Sand

Fine Sand is used for filling in the joints between your paving stones. This ensures the spaces between the pavers are unable to shift adding additional support to the patio. When using Fine Sand to fill in the joints between pavers you must ensure to continually top up the sand to maintain this support between the pavers as natural erosion removes the sand from the cracks.


Looking for finishing sand that lasts? We always recommend polymeric sand for filling in the joints for durable long-lasting effects.

Small 75lb Bag                    - $7.50

Pick-up Half-yard Loose - $32.00

Pick-up full-yard Loose   - $45.00

Pick-up Half-yard Bag      - $79.00

Pick-up Full-yard Bag       - $99.00

Delivery Half-Yard Bag     - $139.00

Delivery Full-Yard Bag      - $189.00